2007 / 2008 Rebuild


Here's some pics I took while doing the winter rebuild during the 2007 / 2008 winter.  Not sure why I'm documenting this, but it may help someone to see a broad overview of the process.

Page 1: Drivetrain removal

Page 1: Drivetrain removal    Page 2: Engine Disassembly    Page 3: Engine Assembly    Page 4: Drivetrain installation

Cam Failure detail

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Here you can see I've taken off the hood and tranny cover.

DSCN0114.JPG (77545 bytes)   DSCN0115.JPG (91779 bytes)

All accessories and connections to the car have been removed / disconnected:

DSCN0116.JPG (79131 bytes)   DSCN0117.JPG (84893 bytes)

Scatter shield is removed, tranny mount and driveshaft unbolted:

DSCN0118.JPG (86861 bytes)

Here's the "takeoffs" - header and scatter shield, tranny cover and radiator, carburetors:

DSCN0119.JPG (67124 bytes)   DSCN0120.JPG (71412 bytes)   DSCN0121.JPG (101352 bytes)

Here's the engine hoist ready to begin:

DSCN0122.JPG (92281 bytes)   DSCN0123.JPG (71891 bytes)

Here's the lift process.  A load balancer is essential as you need to change the angle of the drivetrain during the hoisting process:

DSCN0124.JPG (89340 bytes)   DSCN0125.JPG (87932 bytes)   DSCN0126.JPG (67992 bytes)

Here's the clutch removed and the tranny unbolted:

DSCN0127.JPG (70469 bytes)   DSCN0128.JPG (65724 bytes)

Engine on the stand ready to be attacked:

DSCN0129.JPG (85714 bytes)