2007 / 2008 Rebuild


Page 2: Engine Disassembly

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Cam Failure Detail

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Valve cover removed:

DSCN0131.JPG (219619 bytes)

Detail of where I've had to carve on the rocker stand to clear the head stud:

DSCN0132.JPG (144283 bytes)

Head with rockers removed:

DSCN0133.JPG (229840 bytes)

Here's the pushrods - you'll notice they are shiny where they very slightly touch the top of the tube in the head - that tell me we're at the limit of movement there:

DSCN0134.JPG (229603 bytes)

Headgasket - overview, rear cylinders intake notch, front cylinders intake notch (x 2), funny looking detail next to #2 cylinder:

DSCN0135.JPG (146383 bytes)   DSCN0137.JPG (108807 bytes)   DSCN0138.JPG (137237 bytes)   DSCN0139.JPG (193978 bytes)   DSCN0140.JPG (154247 bytes)

Head - overview, rear cylinders, front cylinders, front cylinder:

DSCN0141.JPG (210160 bytes)   DSCN0142.JPG (236536 bytes)   DSCN0143.JPG (254628 bytes)   DSCN0144.JPG (241021 bytes)

Headgasket, bottom side, cylinders are numbered on newspaper.  Note groove from o-ring on cylinder.  Top of cylinder showing o-rings as well:

DSCN0145.JPG (185193 bytes)   DSCN0146.JPG (240376 bytes)   DSCN0147.JPG (244503 bytes)   DSCN0148.JPG (184362 bytes)

Tappet bottoms, front to rear:

DSCN0151.JPG (74794 bytes)   DSCN0152.JPG (82700 bytes)   DSCN0153.JPG (90554 bytes)   DSCN0154.JPG (91098 bytes)   DSCN0155.JPG (92007 bytes)   DSCN0156.JPG (91278 bytes)   DSCN0157.JPG (93293 bytes)   DSCN0158.JPG (92904 bytes)

Front cover off, you can see the adjustable cam sprocket:

DSCN0159.JPG (197004 bytes)

Camshaft - disappointing shots of screwed up cam lobes:

DSCN0160.JPG (111987 bytes)   DSCN0161.JPG (109874 bytes)   DSCN0162.JPG (107243 bytes)   DSCN0163.JPG (234018 bytes)

First two pistons out, shot of rod bearings

DSCN0164.JPG (237758 bytes)   DSCN0165.JPG (203524 bytes)   DSCN0166.JPG (189197 bytes)

Other two pistons out, shot of rod bearings - look mediocre as usual.  This is after 4 races.

DSCN0167.JPG (252711 bytes)   DSCN0168.JPG (170259 bytes)   DSCN0169.JPG (146867 bytes)

Crank in the block - note the "strap" on the center main bearing.

DSCN0170.JPG (193401 bytes)

Removing main bearings - home-made puller for rear main, shots of bearings - these are the tri-metal bearings and look mediocre too.

DSCN0171.JPG (172623 bytes)   DSCN0172.JPG (251373 bytes)   DSCN0173.JPG (189521 bytes)   DSCN0174.JPG (171664 bytes)   DSCN0175.JPG (146641 bytes)

Crank removed - crank journals look perfect, thankfully

DSCN0176.JPG (175361 bytes)

Shots of the main bearings left in the block

DSCN0177.JPG (182869 bytes)   DSCN0178.JPG (98949 bytes)   DSCN0179.JPG (121285 bytes)   DSCN0180.JPG (145635 bytes)

Head disassembly - valve spring compressor shots (note the valve "caps" in the 3rd shot - helps the roller rockers stay on top of the valves), valves / springs / keepers in labeled cups, head with valves out

DSCN0181.JPG (245708 bytes)   DSCN0182.JPG (246013 bytes)   DSCN0183.JPG (259423 bytes)   DSCN0184.JPG (240289 bytes)   DSCN0185.JPG (221941 bytes)

Shots of the rear main split lip seal:

Seal1.JPG (121541 bytes)   Seal2.JPG (127423 bytes)   Housing.JPG (103401 bytes)

Details of front lifting eye:

LiftingEye1.JPG (68631 bytes)   LiftingEye2.JPG (74342 bytes)

Details of front main aluminum block holes and surfaces:

FrontBlockPanSide.JPG (76620 bytes)   FrontBlockMainSide.JPG (75166 bytes)   FrontMain.JPG (54761 bytes)