Engine Installation TR-4 Spring 2009


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Mating Engine and Tranny

After removing engine from engine stand, Install Flywheel and Clutch, ensuring that pilot bushing is in place.  Use Loctite Red on flywheel and clutch bolts, NO locking tabs.  If you're using new bolts or newly eliminating the locking tabs, after installing Flywheel bolts ensure that the engine still turns - if the bolt is too long it will lock the engine up, and it's much better to find out about that now rather than after it's in the car.

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Mate tranny to engine

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Winch that puppy into place.  Note big changes in angle of engine tranny to snake it into it's home.  A weight / angle shifting device is essential.

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Awesome scatter shield that came with the car

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Start attaching "accessories" such as manifolds etc.

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It's good to NOT forget to put the oil slinger on the front of the crankshaft.  Luckily I figured out that I forgot it before I got TOO far on the installation...

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Front brace and radiator installation

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Cleaning the Canton Mecca oil filter and installing it (very cool, 8 micron filter with no bypass)

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Oil cooler and radiator shroud

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Air Horns on the Webers (I LOVE that look!)

2009_0329EngineInstallation0015.JPG (154389 bytes)

Interior is assembled

2009_0329EngineInstallation0016.JPG (108098 bytes)

Getting ready to pre-oil the engine - drill turns the oil pump to fill up all of the oil lines and the accusump.  You need to spin the drill in REVERSE.  I add 11 quarts of Valvoline VR-1 20w50 non-synthetic oil for break-in.  After the first event I'll replace it with their synthetic version.  This has a bunch of ZDDP in it, plus I added half a bottle of GM's Engine Oil Supplement (EOS) which has a bunch of ZDDP.  I poured that over the cam before putting the lifters in.

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Smoke rising from the residue on the exhaust header and exhaust pipe.  It's running!  Tach shows 2000 RPM during my 20 minute break-in run.

2009_0329EngineInstallation0022.JPG (153579 bytes)   2009_0329EngineInstallation0023.JPG (138702 bytes)

Install hood between break-in runs (I can only run 10 min before I have to shut it off due to heat buildup)

2009_0329EngineInstallation0024.JPG (129164 bytes)

Retorque head and readjust valves while the engine is still hot

2009_0329EngineInstallation0025.JPG (161996 bytes)

Mission accomplished!  One weekend to spare!