Winter 2008


Disassembly     Engine Build      Engine installation

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Pulling the engine

First, take off the hood, remove all the accessories, etc.

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Now, hook up the hoist with the load jacker to allow the tilt of the engine to be adjusted.  The engine is snaked out slowly - lift, pull forward, tilt, repeat until it's out.

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Now, separate the engine and tranny, remove clutch / flywheel, get engine on engine stand.

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Engine disassembly

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DSCN0460.JPG (251260 bytes)  

Ceramic coating on the bearings is barely touched, excellent!  No cam issues this year, having tappets with the full diameter foot did the trick.  Of course, the fact that they are unobtanium ceramic doesn't hurt either... :)

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DSCN0464.JPG (161703 bytes)   DSCN0465.JPG (230741 bytes)  

Crank bearings look great too - just a few scratches through the ceramic coating.  Whew!  Bores look good too.

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Now, time to order some parts.  I found that the intake gasket had been leaking, causing the #3 cylinder to run lean.  I'm going to have some different intake / exhaust gaskets made with smaller holes for the intakes so I don't have that problem next year.  I've also got a set of larger carburetors (Weber DCOE-45's instead of the current DCOE-42's) that I'm thinking of playing with.