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Aluminum Front Hubs for Triumph TR-2, TR-3, TR-4, TR-5 and TR-6

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Now back in production with an improved design

These are a revised design that I've been testing all season in 2010. We are using a different set of inner bearings than the prior aluminum hubs used, but they have the same high load rating and are about half of the cost. These hubs eliminate a significant weakness in the stock hubs between the inner and outer flange.  The stock hubs can crack between the inner and outer flange, these will not. They incorporate very high load rating, larger than stock OD Timken bearings which eliminates the bearing failure issues that are present with stock bearings when using sticky tires.  These use modern seals rather than the dippy felt seal in the stock hubs.  I have been running a set with bearings of this load rating from 2003 through 2009 (before running the prototypes in 2010) and can detect no wear in the bearings. I drive them HARD, and am not afraid to use the curbs.

These hubs will work with stock front axles or with my heavy duty axle kit.  Due to the larger OD and wider bearings, an alternate (shorter, larger OD) bearing spacer is included in the heavy duty axle kit when used with these hubs.  If you already have the heavy duty axle kit, I can supply the alternate bearing spacer.

These are available in 3 configurations:

Shipping is currently $20 per pair in the continental US, $35 to Canada, and $50 to Europe and Australia

Once the hubs from this production run have been sold, it is likely that the price will go up with lower quantity production runs, so it is good to get in on the first large production run.

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Full kit (uses the part numbers from the close ups):

2010_0613AluminumFrontHubs0028.JPG (128786 bytes)   2010_1113AluminumFrontHubs0002.JPG (111998 bytes)

2010_0613AluminumFrontHubs0033.JPG (105329 bytes)


2010_0614AluminumFrontHubs0004.JPG (109708 bytes)   2010_0614AluminumFrontHubs0005.JPG (105821 bytes)

2010_0815Hubs2ndPrototype0042.JPG (93662 bytes)