New Blue

Jack's replacement for the Rallye Replica

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Ongoing progress:

Southwick TR-3 and TR-4 solid rear axle conversion (one-piece axle / hub combo) to prevent a recurrence of the disaster on the prior car...  These suckers won't break!

100 DPI Jpegs

Axle1-100dpi.jpg (61696 bytes)    Axle2-100dpi.jpg (44019 bytes)    Axle3-100dpi.jpg (43113 bytes)

200 DPI Jpegs

Axle1-200dpi.jpg (171672 bytes)    Axle2-200dpi.jpg (147419 bytes)    Axle3-200dpi.jpg (142416 bytes)

Southwick aluminum TR-3 through TR-6 front hubs - to prevent the FRONT wheels from coming off too:

fronthubs.jpg (97694 bytes)

How do you fix a destroyed car?  Start with another car!  When it's a 40 year old Triumph TR-4, you can guarantee that some work will be required.

Some body work - old floor out, new floor in, reclaiming fender vents from Old Blue, finishing rocker and hood:

OldFloorOut.jpg (50547 bytes)    NewFloorIn.jpg (50328 bytes)    PrepareVent.jpg (65441 bytes)

RockerRepair.jpg (45001 bytes)    PrepareHood.jpg (45516 bytes)

New Roll Bar - fitting to car and driver, finished product:

Rollbar1.jpg (41193 bytes)    Rollbar2.jpg (48318 bytes)    Rollbar3.jpg (41533 bytes)

Prepare frame:

PaintFrame.jpg (54623 bytes)

Paint body, install roll bar and new trick Tilton master cylinder setup, apply graphics:

body panels painted 3.jpg (124241 bytes)    cage in body.jpg (294029 bytes)    mast cyls.jpg (85672 bytes)

door graphics.jpg (81615 bytes)

Assemble Engine and Tranny from old car and "say ahhhhh...":

engine trans fit.jpg (77614 bytes)    in she goes.jpg (97039 bytes)

Finished (almost) product:

Done01front.jpg (80038 bytes)    Done02front.jpg (73438 bytes)    Done03rear.jpg (71959 bytes)

Re-affixing the number plate, views of the cockpit...

Done04affixplate.jpg (85488 bytes)    Done05Cockpit.jpg (80807 bytes)    Done06seatcage.jpg (77373 bytes)

What a clean engine compartment!  Nice trunk and front sway bar detail as well.

Done07engineLtilton.jpg (79296 bytes)    Done08engineR.jpg (75165 bytes)    Done09trunk.jpg (80137 bytes)

Done10swaybar.jpg (60986 bytes)