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The following items are available through uncle jack racing

For further information, contact Tony in lieu of "uncle jack" at or 309-764-4506.

Got Brakes?  TR-2 to 6 Spacer and uprated axle kits cut brake pad knockback by 90%!  $290 / kit, $200 / pair of front stub axles only.

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The following parts below are no longer sold by uncle jack's racing, but are included for ideas or links to the current manufacturer are given.


Lightened ring gear. Reduces weight from about 3 lb to about one lb. Fits all TR3-4 series with the bolt-on ring gear. At $125 it isn't cheap due to the machining difficulty.  You supply the ring gear and the socket head bolts, the price is for machining only. Contact Tony at  Quantity discount is possible.

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Velocity stacks for TR4.  Parabolic horn, 3" long and 5" diameter, 3/16" mounting plate.  Duplicates of horns available about ten years ago. As run by George Wright and Chip Bond.  Designed by an aerospace engineer in cooperation with Kas Kastner.  Originally manufactured by Moon.  Pictured with the most popular currently available stack (smaller of the two).  Users reported measurable performance increase.  Price is $140 / pair including shipping.

Now sold by ARE -

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Catch tank: size 4" x 4" x 8", over one quart, per rules. It fits under the hood as opposed to commercially available units that are too tall. It has a stub on top for a filter as shown, a stub on the left for a 1" hose from the crankcase vent, and a 1/2" stub on the right side for the valve cover.

It's better than the paint cans I used to use but of course at $125 it ain't cheap.

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Southwick rear axle conversion to your existing stock rear axle, prevents axle breakage and resulting carnage (as documented on "Old Blue's Demise"), available for all solid axle Triumph TR-3 and TR-4, $850 - contact Southwick Machine and Design at (309) 949-2868

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uncle jack's racing aluminum front hubs back in production, prevents front hub breakage, uses MUCH stronger bearings than stock, for Triumph TR-3, TR-4, and TR-6 using stock spindles or the heavy duty spindle kit (when using the HD kit, it requires different bearing spacer which I can supply)

See full detail on the page here.

Bare hubs: $350.00 / pair

Hubs with Timken bearing races and ARP studs installed: $560.00 / pair

Hubs with all Timken bearings, seals, dust cap, and ARP studs: $740.00 / pair

Now sold by -

Scatter shield: 5" x 1/4" 6061 aluminum, is for the TR3 - TR6. Price is $200 including shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  This item carries no guarantee, expressed or implied.

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Triumph TR3 and TR4 head and manifold porting:

Porting services are discontinued at this time.

Moderate port job, suitable for street and occasional race, $350 plus parts and machining.
Full race head modification, developed on flow bench, ports, combustion chamber, best for full competition $850 plus parts and machining.
Intake manifold -- modifying the manifold makes full use of the increase in flow of the competition head - $350 using your manifold.

For further information, contact Tony in lieu of "uncle jack" at or 309-764-4506.