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I have these Awesome JBL L-100 speakers.  Purchased them through E-bay, and they seemed to have been well used.  Needed to replace the tweeters, got the missing walnut grille frames from e-bay, etc.  Woofers were no longer the original white - they appeared to have been in a smoke filled room for a long time.  A bit of semi-gloss white, some black enamel for the wires and they look good as new again.  Had to buy tweeters, the walnut grilles, and the JBL logos for the foam once I found suitable foam.

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Shortly after I purchased the speakers, through searching some internet forums, I found a place that did foam that was somewhat like the original, found some fabric paint for them and they ended up like this:

L100Before1.JPG (80526 bytes)   L100Before2.JPG (72544 bytes)

Recently, my buddy Tom discovered Foam Trends - they make replacement grille foam that is an exact copy of the original.  Here's their website: 

Received Ultra Blue replacement grilles:


NewGrilleBox.JPG (93028 bytes)

Internal packaging and welcome packet - very thorough documentation, including installation instructions and velcro to attach the logos to the cut off block.

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Comparison to foam I put together (the foam in the plastic bag underneath is the new Foam Trends foam):

OldNewComparison.JPG (75223 bytes)

Test fit on my L-100's - very nice

NewGrilleTestFit1.JPG (69164 bytes)    NewGrilleTestFit2.JPG (54032 bytes)


Use GE Silicone to glue the foam to the frames (let dry for 4+ hours)

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Take the pin off of the logo, file, and attach the included "super velcro"

DSCN0416.JPG (97927 bytes)   DSCN0417.JPG (80846 bytes)   DSCN0418.JPG (132401 bytes)

DSCN0419.JPG (95874 bytes)   DSCN0420.JPG (199822 bytes)   DSCN0421.JPG (93322 bytes)

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New foam installed.  Had to use the flash on the camera, makes the colors be somewhat imbalanced with my camera.  Looks awesome!

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Better picture in the sunlight (didn't have to edit brightness) - you can see the recessed logo.

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