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Mid-Ohio Triumph 50th Anniversary Race Page

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Thursday Night Party (6/13/2002).  Amazing that the idea of establishing a Triumph Racers e-mail list led to a party with 150 of them in attendance, including 11 from England.

Here are some of the British cars:

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PartyBritCars2.jpg (66643 bytes)

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Here are some of the US cars:

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Fearful Leader Joe Alexander and his son Shawn:

FearfulLeaderAndShawn.jpg (101163 bytes)

Yours truly and Neil Howard:

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Here's a shot from my hotel window.  You'd think that the Baymont could keep out the riffraff working on their cars in the parking lot.

ViewFromHotel.jpg (86566 bytes)

Friday was the day of carnage.  Here's a shot of George Wright's car on its lid (courtesy of Scott Tilton), the H. Tide Ebding car after its rollover.

ScottTiltonWrightBottom.jpeg (377485 bytes)    AnotherRoll.jpg (145954 bytes)

The TR-5 from England lost its front end to the concrete wall.  They found a frame shop that would allow them to work on the car at night and stayed up all night fixing the machine.  They got the front of a TR-250 from the Nuclear Junkyard (nuclear waste and Triumphs!), and got it back together, a can of Rustoleum Regal Red finished the job.  They WON the All-Triumph race when the leading TR-7 V8 lost some of its gears.  Last picture is courtesy of Scott Tilton.

TR5Smushed.jpg (174855 bytes)    TR5BeforePaint.jpg (130316 bytes)    ScottTiltonTR5.jpeg (219213 bytes)

Various Paddock shots.  First shot is British iron, note TR-5 before incident above.  Then Harkness in his Vee (he's gone to the dark side), Henry Frye in what seems to be his natural position (it'll stop soon, Henry), the Brain Trust discussing something, the Slagle TR-8's, the Snook / Jackson tent (before Jackson hit the skunk), the tent across the road with Susan / Brad, Rosebud, etc. and the uncle jack homefront.

BritPaddock.jpg (158250 bytes)    Harkness.jpg (143309 bytes)    HenryWorking.jpg (118039 bytes)   

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Party Central.  Kas Kastner signs the shirt with Phil Hill's signature already on it (3rd pic).  Kas and his lovely wife Peggy.  Jack gets some advice from Kas.

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Interesting Street stuff - zebra car with diaorama of Triumph taking a "leak" on an MG, Kent Howard's TR-4a, Black TR-3 whose owner has had the car since new.

ZebraCarInAction.jpg (71318 bytes)    KentTr4.jpg (107880 bytes)    BlackTR3.jpg (93883 bytes)

Race photos - Tony Chasing British TR-3 in All-Triumph Race (Scott Tilton photo), Gridded 9th for Group 3 race, Jack chasing Mordy, Joe having fun.

ScottTiltonTonyBrit.jpeg (199873 bytes)    UncleJackQualified9th.jpg (64669 bytes)    UncleJackGrid.jpg (115224 bytes)   

RaceJack1.jpg (100523 bytes)    RaceJack2.jpg (141716 bytes)    RaceJoe1.jpg (125445 bytes)   

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Fun is done, packed up both Triumphs (bike signed by Kas!).

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