Aluminum Radiator installation

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The radiator I installed is from Day Motorsports at .  List price at this posting is about $150 for the smallest size (19x22), and shipping was about $16 to my door.  It is installed in an SCCA legal manner, attached to the original radiator mounting points.  However, the radiator doesn't fit between the frame rails, so it needs to be tilted to the front at the bottom of the radiator so the bottom is mounted in front of the frame.  A stock shroud won't work either, but we were running a custom rad shroud anyway.  Here are pic's of the installation in the Red Rocket.  You need to drill some holes in the aluminum channel at the top and bottom of the radiator for the bracketry to attach to.  Probably the biggest challenge is finding the right size hoses to get the motor attached to the radiator.  We had a pipe made at a local muffler shop to connect the elbow from the water pump to the elbow at the radiator.  If necessary, a muffler shop can make a reducer from say 1 1/2" to 1 3/8".

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