Rollbar Detail


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Detail of main hoop - notice cross brace and diagonal brace - needed to keep the hoop from collapsing.

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Rear brace detail - these are welded to the frame, but could have plates bolted to the frame instead.  Some folks have the diagonal end at an inner wheelwell, but to the frame is much better.

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Passenger side bar - not a lot of intrusion protection.  Most guys don't run the rollbar through the dash panel, they run it under instead.

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Plate where main hoop is attached to the body mount.

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Drivers side bars - upper bar was relocated so it missed my shoulder.  Also, note the padding - it's not the normal stuff from Pegasus or whoever, it's special closed cell padding that actually works.  You can see the other style of padding near the dash.  Normally there's a hoop under the dash that the forward bars would connect to.

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Detail of the bar going through the dash, the firewall and connecting to the front suspension.  Both sides do this.  This isn't necessary, but makes the car nice and stiff - I can jack up one corner and get 3 wheels off the ground, and the doors still open and close.

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