VIR Wild Hare 4/12/2009


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Heading Out from home

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Henry gets to drive Tristan since the yellow streak is out of commission

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Other shots around the Triumph Ghetto.  I particularly like the one of Bob Wismer and the Thunderbolt.

2009_0411VIRWildHare0005.JPG (109720 bytes)   2009_0411VIRWildHare0006.JPG (99437 bytes)   2009_0411VIRWildHare0007.JPG (87755 bytes)

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Susan and Brad Kahler (Sonny and Cher?) suited up for the Easter Parade

2009_0411VIRWildHare0008.JPG (94525 bytes)   2009_0411VIRWildHare0009.JPG (79871 bytes)

Some action shots sent by other competitors

IMG_3229Small.JPG (93015 bytes)   vir3 036small.jpg (135388 bytes)   vir3 058small.jpg (50787 bytes)

vir3 063small.jpg (49985 bytes)

And lastly, in-car video

Full race, mpeg file, about 450 mb, right click, save as and then play it.

Video link here

You tube - edited down to their limit of 10 minutes, awesome video / audio quality.