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Tony's Videos:

Road America 9-19-2004

I was gridded 8th in a 60+ car field.  The 6th place car was a no show so I moved up to 7th before the green flag dropped.  The Morgan behind me passed me right off the bat so I was back to 8th.  But, in turn 5 one of the porsches in front of me spun moving me back up to 7th.  I chased the Morgan and the Elva ahead of him closely for a few laps.  The Morgan had some sort of mechanical problem and pulled off the track moving me up to 6th.  The Elva had over 10 carlengths on me by then, so I backed it off just a notch but was gaining on him slightly.  I figured there wasn't enough time to catch him, so no need to use up the car.  I was faster through the corners, but he would pull back away from me on the straights.  We started lapping cars on the 3rd or 4th lap.  As you lap your way through the field, each car is successively faster and therefore harder to pass.  Anyway, on the last lap the Elva got trapped behind lapped traffic heading into the Kink (Bobby Rahal called the Kink at Road America and turn 1 at Indy the two most challenging corners in racing).  I managed to pass my lapped traffic before the kink and got a decent run through it.  I pulled alongside of the Elva going into turn 12 / Canada corner.  We went through Canada corner side by side - him on the outside and me on the inside.  Coming out of the corner, he missed a shift!  Cool...  That gave me enough of a gap that he couldn't catch me on the front straight so I ended up with a top 5 finish.  I was very happy with that.

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Grattan, MI, Qualifying race, 8/21/2004 (64 MB)

Grattan, MI, Feature race, 8/22/2004 (84 MB)

Blackhawk (Loooonnnngg race) 10/16/04 Tony Practice (101 MB)

Blackhawk 10/16/04 Tony Race (109 MB)

Blackhawk 10/16/04 Jack Race (101 MB)

Road America 5/21/2006

I found I was missing an audio cable, so there's a rock and roll soundtrack.


Test videos, 2 laps

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YouTube embedded video full race:

YouTube In-car rollover video:

Road America, 5/20/2007, great dice with Dr. Dreadful


Tim Meinrenken on the Nordschleife (FOT folks had trouble downloading - probably best to do right click, save as and then play from the downloaded file - requires QuickTime apparently)

Hallett, 10/18/2009, reverse order start